Collections For Printed Toilet Paper

Collections For Printed Toilet Paper

Each sheet features a hilarious full-color illustration. You've decided to print a full-color image on each individual sheet of toilet paper. None of these things will ever happen with this ink. You can trust that this toilet paper is of the highest quality. It's super absorbent, durable, and surprisingly plush.


A hilarious "Happy 1st Anniversary My Love" and "I Love the Poop Outta You!" are printed on every single sheet of toilet paper in the roll. Happy anniversary gifts for him or her can be as simple as a roll of funny printed toilet paper.


Complete rolls imprinted with your own unique photo, text, or artwork. The roll's consistent printing area measures 3.5 inches wide by 16 feet long. Put in your own design, picture, or text. Single-color printing available in black, brown, red, or blue. When taking pictures, black is the most effective color.

Baby Shower

The hilarious Holy Poop, It's a Girl! or It's a Boy! message appears throughout the entire roll. Amaze the proud parents and extended family by using a humorous toilet paper roll to reveal the little girl has arrived! Unique party favors for a baby shower can be as simple as funny toilet paper.

Custom Printed

You can't go wrong with this hilarious gag gift of toilet paper with a personalized print design to send to your coworkers, friends, partners, classmates, and family members. Use as office prizes, party favors, or just plain laughs for your coworkers.


In other words, it's the ideal birthday present for anyone you know. The birthday message appears on both sheets of this 2-ply roll of toilet paper, not just the top sheet like most other brands. Rolls are made in the USA from recycled paper that is biodegradable, septic tank safe, and environmentally friendly.

Father's Day

One of the funniest Father's Day presents is a toilet paper roll with the message "Happy Father's Day." Include in your Father's Day presents or give to your husband, boyfriend, or friend as a humorous token of your appreciation. Prank your dad while he's on the toilet on Father's Day with this hilarious idea for a "roll."


This Halloween, scare your coworkers, friends, and family with the Witch and Moon toilet paper roll! Gifts of witch-themed decorations make for a humorous office prize or party favor for adults. You can scare your friends, family, and coworkers into taking a roll by putting them in a scary bathroom.


Pranksters, rejoice: the Christmas novelty printed toilet paper is a hilarious joke toilet paper that anyone can enjoy giving to their loved ones, whether they're kids, coworkers, spouses, men, women, moms, dads, or anyone else! Gift as a humorous gag, office incentive, or party prize.


Full roll of 2/ply paper towel with a high-quality print of a $100 bill. American Made from 100% recycled paper that decomposes in a septic tank with no problems. The ideal novelty for a practical joke, false currency, or a laugh: Tissue paper with a $100 bill printed on it.