Different Styles of Photo Necklaces

Different Styles of Photo Necklaces

A photo necklace is a special kind of jewelry that results from permanently engraving a picture onto a pendant of a chain, using a precision laser. It is there for good, that's why most people love it. It serves different purposes, e.g., as a unique keepsake, a gift for your loved one, a memorable piece, a significant milestone, etc. The neckpiece is a perfect way to be stylish and trendy and comes in either color or black depending on your preference. In this write-up, we discuss the styles of photo necklaces.

Different Styles of Picture Necklaces

  • Photo Locket Necklace

A locket has single or multiple insets for putting pictures. It comes in various shapes, e.g., oval, heart, circles, teardrops, boxes, or squares, and most of them are usually in modern or vintage styles. A quality picture can be shrunk or resized to fit in the locket, making it very convenient.

  • Custom-Shaped Photo Pendant Necklace

Pendants can be custom made to your liking. Traditionally, photo necklaces came in the shape of an oval or heart, but new forms are coming, including stars and butterflies. If you're a pet lover, your pendant is made to take the shape of your pet. Additional customization options are made available by some store owners. You can choose what to engrave, whether particular messages, names, or gemstones.  

  • Line Drawing Style Photo Necklace

This trend is becoming popular and is a combination of pictures or drawings that are carved into an image. A jeweler turns a photo of your family or friends, into a drawing, and engraves it onto your necklace. It brings out a fashionable but laid back look, which is a perfect combination for you if you're usually a simple person. It is also an ideal gift for kids as they love both drawings and cartoon characters.

  • Dog Tag Photo Necklace

The pendant is usually square-shaped with rounded corners. The military personnel mostly used it as a form of honor, celebration, or an identification tag. Still, recently, most people are leaning towards it as it offers more space for photos with more people in them. Messages and names can be engraved too.

  • Crystal Pendant Photo Necklace

The style is modern and not very common. Your picture is printed in a high-quality optical crystal to bring out a 3D effect whereby the image is convex (curved toward you) in the front and concave (curved away from you) in the back. It is developed by integrating jewelry laser technology and design software, making it unique and eye-catching.


Photo necklaces are a unique way of gifting loved ones and also holding sentimental value. Unlike common printed or uploaded photos, they have an advantage as you can customize them as you wish. Know exactly which style you prefer and its pros and cons before making any purchase. Research on the store to make sure the jeweler you choose offers the various add-on options you want to your necklace and read its customer reviews.