Experience Added Safety With MTL POD In LUXE X E-Cigarette

Experience Added Safety With MTL POD In LUXE X E-Cigarette

Are you the one who loves lower vapor production? Do you want to prevent the direct inhalation of hazardous toxins into the lungs, including tar or tobacco? Then MTL POD (mouth to lung) is what you are looking for.

LUXE X e-cigarette features MTL POD, which allows the mouth to lung inhalation. You can keep it in your mouth for a while and then inhale it into your lungs. This works best for Chainsmokers. MTL POD is also a perfect fit for those especially new to vaping. Because it allows you to enjoy higher nicotine levels safely, features a tighter draw, and provides a direct throat hit.

What is LUXE X E-Cigarette?

The LUXE X refers to the pod kit (featuring a pod and a battery) suitable for dual vaping DTL (direct to lung)/ MTL. It is user-friendly and comprises of 1500mAh battery. It is a handy device having very little weight to double your vaping experience. You can take it anywhere you want.

Advantages of MTL POD In LUXE X E-Cigarette

Multiple advantages or benefits associated with MTL POD vaping technique add to the LUXE X experience. Some of the notable advantages are as follows:

Less Dangerous

MTL POD in LUXE X e-cigarette is far less harmful than cigarettes. Cigarette normally features 4000+ chemicals, more than 50 popular carcinogens (the leading cause of cancer). On the other hand, the LUXE X features four ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavor. Thus, you can say LUXE X is less harmful than cigarettes.

User Friendly

LUXE X is very easy to use. There is no need for special skills or training to operate this device. You can operate it similarly as you smoke cigarettes. They come along with prefilled refills. You don’t need to fill the e-liquid. However, you can change the flavor when it ends by changing the e-liquid.

Restricted Air Flow

MTL POD features a restricted or narrow airflow. With such an airflow setting, you can enjoy more flavor, less production of vapor, and a more direct hit on the throat. The best thing is that you can use the LUXE X e-cigarette to adjust the airflow as you want. The Airflow matters when vaping because it truly adds to your experience.

Less Power Consumption

LUXE X e-cigarette consumes very less power. As in MTL, low vaping vapor and narrow airflow are the keys to less power consumption. This means your battery will last for an entire day, no matter how many times you vape. It also means you don’t need to charge your device more often to keep it running.

Easy to Adopt

The MTL technique will serve in this regard whenever a smoker wants to adopt vaping. Even a beginner can easily adopt vaping with this technique. Learning graphs have a mild slope in this case. The main reason is that it works similarly to smoking. It is simple and easy compared to DTL vaping, which is best only for pro vapers.