Four Types of Lighting for Your Pole Barn

Four Types of Lighting for Your Pole Barn

Choosing a lighting option for your pole barn can be a tough choice, depending on the options you have. There are a lot of websites that have the call to action "visit here" written all over. They believe their products to be the best options for you to choose. In this article, we will go over some of the options of lighting for your pole barn.

Standard A Bulb

The standard bulb has an efficiency of between ten and seventeen, which is relatively low, depending on what you want for your pole barn. If you need a high efficacy,  you may not settle for this option. This lighting option has a great color rendition. You will immediately have a well-lit system with this choice, but it does not usually last for too long. The Lifespan of the standard A bulb is between 750 and 2500 hours. That means if your bulb needs to stay on constantly, the bulb will last only less than five months.

Tungsten Halogen

The tungsten-halogen choice of lighting is an excellent option for your pole barn. With this choice, you will be experiencing an efficacy of between 12-22, which can be sufficient for the purpose. The bulb may produce a lot of heat, which is a major downside. That is because you will not want to put a bulb with high heat in an area where people will be present. The Lifespan of this Halogen lighting option is great as it lasts for up to 4000 hours, depending on your choice.

Straight Tube

The main problem with using a straight tube lighting option is the distance between your ceiling and the need for the roof. The best condition is when the ceiling height is not more than fifteen inches high. That way, there will be explicit use of the light option. There is no need to bother about heat, as this option is one of the coolest options to choose. Also, based on the type you buy, the straight tube can last for up to 24,000 hours. That means you can use it for three years with no issues.

Compact Fluorescent

The compact fluorescent lighting option has efficacy of between fifty and seventy, which is very high for the purpose of a pole barn. It also lasts for an extended period of up to 10,000 hours, which is more than a year. It may cause a bit of heat at the start, but the bulb is more than okay to reduce the heat.


Lighting for a pole barn requires a lot of carefulness when you want to make a choice. There's a need to choose based on what you need and can afford. If you have a particular need for a type of Lighting system in the pole barn, you should try getting it. Getting the right need for the pole bar system depends on the process used in the system. It is always better to speak to an expert first to determine your needs. After that, you can now bother about choosing from the options. You have a wide range of options, as discussed in this guide. But it is better to choose first.