How To Incorporate A Custom Formula Serum Into Your Routine

How To Incorporate A Custom Formula Serum Into Your Routine

Taking care of your skin is important. There has been more emphasis on skincare than at any other time in recent times. The numerous skincare products can spur confusion in every buyer. Other than buying products like a serum off the shelf, you can have one customized for you. Private label companies make custom facial serum for your individual needs. You get to select every component that goes into it before production. Such products have multiple advantages to the skin, but how do you use them? Here is a guide on incorporating a custom formula serum into your routine.

How to include your custom serum in your skincare routine

Face serums are products everyone should have. They slow down aging, hydrate the skin, smoothen the skin, clear dark spots, etc. A custom formula serum varies slightly from other formula serums. They mainly have active ingredients that target specific problems. This is why you should be careful when introducing them to your skin.

Introduce the custom formula serum gradually

Remember that this is a new product that your face is not used to. No matter the formulation, the introduction of any skin product should be slow. Start small and slowly work your way up by increasing the serum amount. Doing this a step at a time helps your skin adjust and be receptive to the product. Also, you can tell if the product is negatively affecting the skin if its appearance worsens. The ingredients in the serum can also dictate how often you can use it. When starting, if Vitamin C is present, apply the serum once in a while before transitioning to everyday use. Retinol component is best applied once or twice a week for starters.

Don’t mix active ingredients

The beauty of custom serums is you pick the best ingredients for use. Most of these components are active, causing your skin to react if mixed. There are serums made for the eye area and others for the general facial skin. Be aware of the elements in both products if you use them together. Some active ingredients should not be mixed. For example, Vitamin C, AHAs, and BHAs are active elements in serums. However, they don’t work well together. Alternate between the products such that you use Vitamin C-based serum today and the AHAs acid-based serum another time.

Layer the custom formula serum effectively

Several skincare steps take place before the serum application. Following the procedure helps prepare the skin for the serum such that it absorbs and functions as desired. Clean your skin and apply your preferred toner. These products can be from one brand as long as they work well for you. Apply the serum on a clean face and gently massage it into the skin. You can apply the serum directly to your skin. Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your moisturizer before application.


A skincare routine helps improve your skin appearance and health. Using the right products at the right time is essential. Custom serums are more potent than other serums, so be careful when introducing them to your routine. Note the active components and avoid mixing them. Let the process be slow and increase usage after some time.