Things To Consider When Choosing The Flying Bird Toys

Things To Consider When Choosing The Flying Bird Toys

To sum up, when shopping for flying bird toy, putting yourself in the bird's shoes is helpful. Is it anything that would get in the way if someone hung it in the center of your living room and you sprinted to the kitchen for a snack. For the enjoyment of your feathered friends, you can save money on toys. You may experiment with different bird toys and even build your own. As a form of mental stimulation and enrichment, cutting bird-safe fruit branches to use as perches and chewing toys is entirely OK. Paper towel rolls with newspaper inside are a tasty treat for several avian species.

What Makes a Good Bird Toy?

The safety of your bird is the top priority when selecting a new toy. Check the toy thoroughly to see any loose threads or ropes that might be pulled or bitten off and become entangled in a child's foot or leg. Unfortunately, I have had to amputate the legs and feet of several birds because of the risk posed by toys that can cut off circulation. Larger birds may choke to death on rawhide chews because some are so pliable. Double-check how the bird toy is hung since nails, toes, and feet can easily get caught in the hooks and chains.

What's the Right Number of Bird Toys?

Avoid having too many bird toys in the cage. Two or three bird toys are usually plenty to keep most birds occupied. Although, after a while, they may become bored of repeatedly playing with the same toys. Once a week, I take apart all of my cages and thoroughly clean them from top to bottom. I accomplish this by putting away the toys and replacing them with brand-new ones. I have a box of bird toys with eight to twelve different toys, and I switch them out weekly.

Which Bird Toys Should You Buy?

Your bird's species, temperament, and preferences will determine which toys are best for it. You can figure this out by observing your pet and trial and error. As a rule, larger birds enjoy toys to wrestle and gnaw on. Miniature birds have a particular fondness for bell, swings. Soft fleece toys, such as the Super Bird Creations have been increasingly popular recently, and their popularity appears universal. My African grey parrot is crazy with his swing, and Lovebird spends hours perusing his massive rope chew toy.

How to Choose Bird Toys for Your Cage?

It determines whether your new bird toy will go inside or outside the cage and what part of the cage is an excellent place to start. Ensure the bird toys you intend to introduce fit in the cell. Toys for birds that play outside the pen might be far more intricate and substantial than those used within the enclosure. Many stores provide bird play stands, perches, and toys designed specifically for the top of bird cages, which are ideal for larger birds. Instead of having a bird play on top of its cage, I prefer to remove it from the cell and place it on a separate playground.