What is a Good Running Technique?

What is a Good Running Technique?

Running seems so simple and natural for many of us. In our fight or flight mode, we know to run if we are in danger. It feels natural just to pick up the past, but not many of us are running correctly.

Today we will lay out what exactly is a good running technique. If you are looking to improve your form and speed, you can visit The Running School for more help.

Tips  for Proper Running Form

  • Look Ahead

Our first tip may seem simple, but it is essential to look ahead and not stare at your feet. You can think about driving a car. When someone is learning to drive, there are afraid of hitting something or getting hit.

When you are driving down a street about to make a turn, you don’t want to hit the curb, so you stare closely to avoid hitting it. In reality, if someone focuses too much on the curb, they steer towards it.

So we are taught to look ahead when we drive, and the same goes for running. If you look too closely at your feet, you could fall.

  • Keep your arms bent at your waist

Keep your arms bent and shoulders loose. Arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle, and avoid bringing your hands to your chest.

Your hands and arms should slightly brush your hips. After some time, your arms will get tired, and your hands will want to go near your chest. Having your hands near your chest will make your arms even more tired and tight.

If your arms swing across your chest, it can lead to bad posture, which we will talk about later.

  • Relax your hands and shoulders

Picking up where we left off – after you spent some time running, your hands and shoulders will tense up.

Try not to clench your fists because it can make you more tired than expected. Pretend you are holding a baby bird and want to hold on to it, so it doesn’t fall. You also don’t want to squeeze it too hard.

If you’ve been running for a while, remember to check your shoulder, arms, and hands. Take a moment to check your body and relax.

  • Check your posture

Keep your back straight and shoulders down. After running for a while, the shoulders tend to rise, so try and keep them relaxed.

Make sure you are not leaning forward or back after a while. Wanting to finish a run faster can cause you to lean forward, so make sure your back is aligned with your pelvis.

If you are slumped forward, it affects your breathing. Shallow breathing can lead to cramps in your abdominal area and side stitches.

  • Move your arms from the shoulder

Next, you want your arms to swing from your shoulder joint, and your swing should be natural. Slightly move your arms back and forth and not across the chest.

People tend to move the elbow joint instead, which causes the arms to pump up and down. Your arm should graze the side of your hip while still maintaining a 90-degree angle at your elbow joint.

  • Don’t bounce

Lastly, we have the most common problems when it comes to running. A lot of enthusiastic runners like to bounce when they are running, and it makes them feel more motivated. It is excellent if you are excited to run, not all of us are.

Unfortunately, bouncing is known as vertical oscillation and wastes alot of your energy. Not only that, but the higher you lift off, the more significant the pressure and shock your ankles feel during the landing.

Final thoughts

It can be a lot to remember, so many places like The Running School can help. It takes time to relearn something you have been doing for so long. Be patient, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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